Sahara India Refund Process : When will the retired judge getting salary of Rs 15 lakh will refund investor’s money?

Sahara India Refund Process : Justice R Subhash Reddy has a big role in the Sahara Refund Portal announced by Home Minister and Cooperative Minister Shri Amit Shah for the investors of 4 credit cooperative societies of Sahara Group. According to the information, on the petition of Pinak Pani Mohanty, the Supreme Court of India has ordered the release of Rs 5000 crore from the Sahara Sebi escrow account, in which the retired judge has the main role. Today we will tell you about the tenure of Justice Subhash Reddy.

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Name Ramayyagari Subhash Reddy
Born Date & Place 5 January 1957, Kamaram Village, Medak District, Telengana
Appointed in Gujarat High Court By  Ram Nath Kovind
Gujarat Highcourt’s Tenure  13 February 2016 – 1 November 2018
Appointed In Supreme Court By  Ram Nath Kovind
Mainly Worked In  Supreme Court of India, Gujarat Highcourt, Andhra Pradesh Highcourt
Now Working In Project For CRCS Sahara Refund Portal Apporoved By Supreme Court of India

A big responsibility on Justice R Subhash Reddy

Justice R Subhash Reddy is currently working on the process of getting their refund to the investors through Sahara Refund Portal, where on the petition of Pinak Pani Mohanty, the court has assigned the responsibility of looking after this payment process to the retired judge, in last hearing The court has also asked the retired judge to take important steps for the legitimate refund for sahara group’s 4 major credit cooperative socities.

Accusations against Justice Subhash Reddy

On the petition of the Honorable Supreme Court, Justice Subhash Reddy has been given command in the refund portal case to refund the money of Sahara investors, where retired judge is getting about Rs 15 lakh every month from Sahara Refund Portal for working in the refund process of Sahara investors. Making an issue of the amount being given, there is a protest on the salary of retire judge because CRCs has so far refunded only Rs 170 Crore whereas a total of 1.22 crore claims had being received through sahara investors whose total value is about Rs 85750 crore.

Is the central government portal a jumla?

Investors who were eagerly waiting up for their legitimate refund from the portal had not being refunded yet by the CRCs sahara refund portal as sahara is lacking behind in providing the data to the officials and the supreme court is just watching up the process, as the membership forms of the investors had not being uploaded so far.

Sahara Scam Worth Rs 86,000 Crore which we had discussed earlier many times, but regularly the court is giving dates to the investors and now finally the court had granted time exceeding to 31 December 2024 for sahara refund portal case next hearing.


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