Whatsapp Close In India, Meta may stop its service in India

Whatsapp Close In India  : A new IT Act was issued on 25 February 2021 by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India to regulate digital media platforms in India, including the impact of overall governance on the role of social media intermediaries in shaping the purpose of the rules and to address issues such as the amount of information hosted around the internet.

For This the Government issued orders to social media platforms to share their data along with the government.

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Whatsapp Challenges Indian Government

Latest News coming in from the Delhi where, Meta Plateform WhatsApp had stated in it’s claim at Delhi Highcourt that “if Indian government will force meta to break its end to end encryption rule, so meta can leave the indian market” according to the media reports WhatsApp is being working on end to end encryption basis where the data is being encrypted between the two parties engaged in a social media forum.

Hence Whatsapp also not have the authority to check the messages of its users while the government is forcing the company to release the data to the government agency.

WhatsApp and its parenting company Meta have told in the petition with their legal team in the High Court that under its new IT Rules 2021, the Central Government is pressurizing WhatsApp to share the data of the users and if this continues, then the company will be leaving india along with ending the services in india.

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