Saradha Group Scam : CPI(M) leader Sujan Chakraborty said on Friday that even after 10 years, investors have not been able to get their money back in the Saradha chit fund scam that happened 10 years ago. Let us tell you that Saradha scam is a much-discussed scam of 2013 in which many people lost their hard earned money and now they are not getting their refund back.

Saradha Group had obtained a huge funding from its customers by luring the customers by huge interest rates in its chit fund scheme, after which till date the money has not been returned to those customers.

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Speaking at a press conference, CPI(M) leader Chakraborty said that since 2013, we have been working for the investors who have invested in the Saradha Group’s Chitfund Schemes and had belived the cheif minister but today also the investors are looking forward for their legitimate refund’s and when the investigating bodies found biggest investors they had got Trinamool Congress as biggest beneficiary, but still, no action had being taken yet on the matter.

Chakraborthy also stated that “the state government had declared to distribute Rs 500 Crores for the refund of saradha scam investors and directed Justice Shyamal Sen Commission in order for legitimate refund but they could only distributed Rs 149 Crores, and around 213 Crore Money was remained unpaid to the investors, Chakraborty Had also stated that when Justice Shyamal Sen Commission Started Further Investigation Into the matter, the State Government shut down the commission leaving all the investors hard earned money toward the whole dark side.

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According to a reports Chakraborty had clearly stated that the Centeral and The State Government had tried it’s best to stop the refund process of saradha scam as it also include high level official’s money hence if the matter would further be classified all the alleged claim will be sentenced in the court and legal actions could be pertain leading to serious alligations in front of these political parties.